Legislators seek comments on mission, vision, values

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Yates County Legislators are requesting public input on their proposed vision, mission and values statement which was established during a May 11 workshop.

At the June 12 Legislature meeting, Milo Legislator Mark Morris (District III), presented the statements in a resolution which was tabled unanimously so there would be time for public input.

Legislative Chairman Timothy Dennis says Yates County residents can email their comments and suggestions to Legislative Clerk Connie Hayes at chayes@yatescounty.org by June 29. The legislators will discuss the items further during the July committee meetings.

Here are the statements:


Yates County: A community that values our people and environment; a place that encourages prosperity, safety and opportunities for ALL.


Yates County, while respecting the diverse and changing needs of our community, will deliver high quality services, supported by essential infrastructure, in a fiscally responsible, efficient manner.





Fiscal Responsibility



Continuous Improvement