Yates Court Security achieves re-accreditation

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Paul Kehoe, executive director of the New York Sheriff’s Association, Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike and Court Security Supervisor, Sgt. Diana DeKay.

The Yates County Sheriff’s Office’s Court Security Division has achieved re-accreditation for the second time. 

The court security operations in Yates County was first accredited in 2007, and was re-accredited in 2012. Yates County is one of nine New York counties that has achieved accreditation in court security operations, according to Yates County Sheriff Ronald Spike. 

Paul Kehoe, executive director and counsel of the New York State Sheriff’s Association, attended the June 12 county legislature meeting to present the accreditation documents to the sheriff and court security staff.  He explained the effort that goes into achieving accreditation is significant.

Spike noted that schools, universities and hospitals have been earning accreditation for some time, law enforcement agencies are moving in the same direction as an indicating a level of professionalism. Sheriff’s offices in New York state  have been leaders in the effort. 

“The Yates County Sheriffi’s Office is proudly an agency that is one of a handful in New York State that has achieved accreditation and maintained it in all five state disciplines: DCJS Law enforcement/police services; county jail operations; 911 public safety answering point; civil division; and court security.

Spike says accreditation helps public safety agencis evaluate and improve their overall performance, and benefits include:

• A basis for management, development and evaluation of employees

• Requirements for policies that meet contemporary standards

• Enhancing the agency’s professional image with the public

• Minimizes vulnerability to civil lawsuits

• Maximizes effectiveness and efficiency

Every five years, outside assessors visit the agency to verify compliance with the policies and standards that have been set.

“I will always remember that it’s the men and women court security officers who are on the front line doing the work day in and day out who are the ‘team’ in teamwork. I thank each and every one of them for all their contributions to meeting our mission, values and goals in serving the public,” says Spike.