Barrington will appeal Olney Place decision

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Although a group of town residents have encouraged otherwise, the Barrington Town Board has agreed to appeal a decision by Judge Dennis Bender in a lawsuit filed by Olney Place owner Seth Olney. Bender’s ruling in Yates County Court did not support the town’s assertion that Olney’s permits do not allow him to serve beer in an addition to his Keuka Lake store. With Olney’s father, Nate Olney, the town’s Deputy Supervisor recused from the executive session on June 28, the board voted unanimously to hire the Hodgson Russ law firm to represent the town in the appeal. Supervisor Fred Wright says the town has spent $8,500 since January on the lawsuit, and he estimates the appeal could cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Wright said the town adopted the zoning laws many years ago and the town board is obligated to defend those laws.