Update: Casella leads Yates District Attorney election; Barrington is wet

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Todd Casella

Updated to include comments from Valerie Gardner

Unofficial results from Yates County elections with absentee ballots yet to be counted: Steuben County Assistant District Attorney Todd Casella has a narrow lead over Yates County District Attorney Valerie Gardner and Barrington voters want to buy alcoholic beverages at taverns, restaurants and hotels.

Of the 566 absentee ballots requested, 415 have been received by the Yates County Board of Elections.

Casella commented, “What a night. I am truly humbled by the tremendous honor that the people of Yates County have bestowed on me by electing me as your new District Attorney. Thank you to those who voted for me and to those who volunteered their time to help my campaign. A special thanks also goes out to my family for enduring a very challenging year to get us to this victory today. I couldn’t have done it without them."

He continued, “I would also like to thank Valerie Gardner for her service as D.A. Serving in public office and running for election is not easy, and I commend her for her efforts. Now the hard work begins – and I won’t let you down.”

Gardner commented, “Preliminary results are in and although there are still over 500 absentee ballots to be counted, it appears that my service to you as your District Attorney will end Dec. 31. It has been my great honor and privilege to serve you and I am proud of the progress we have made in the last four years. I was taught to leave everything better than how you found it. With a 30 percent reduction in our crime rate, a more transparent and responsible budget, and an always ethical and responsible approach to finding justice for my dear Yates County community, I feel very blessed. I have always been placed in positions where my talents and nurturing have been needed. I trust the next chapter will be similarly rewarding and useful.”

Winners of contests for legislature seats are: Doug Paddock, Ed Bronson, Tim Cutler and Elden Morrison in District 1 and Leslie Church, Carlie Chilson, P. Earle Gleason, and Daniel Banach in District 3.

John Kuehn will be the new supervisor in Barrington, Brian Murphy and Glenn Quackenbush tied for the two seats on the Benton Town Board, and other town board winners are Gene Spanneut and James Harris in Milo and Colby Petersen and Grant Downs in Torrey.

Numbers follow:

District Attorney

Casella 2704, Gardner 2435


Voted yes for all three alcohol options

308-80, 327-62, and 329-57

Legislature District 1 (four seats)

Doug Paddock 1128

Ed Bronson 1093

Tim Cutler 944

Elden Morrison 757

Dixon Zorovich 527

Barbara Crumb 602

Legislature District 3 (4 seats)

Leslie Church 854

Carlie Chilson 846

P. Earle Gleason 748

Daniel Banach 683

Teresa Hoban 581

Valerie Breachko 436

Mark Morris 295

Barrington Supervisor

John Kuehn 244

Eileen Farnan 123

Benton Town Board (2 seats)

Brian Murphy 314

Glenn Quackenbush 314

Brian Champlin 281

Milo Town Board (2 seats)

Gene Spanneut 800

James Harris 790

Mildred Phillips-Espana 431

Town of Torrey (2 seats)

Colby Petersen 216

Grant Downs 174

Burge Morris 168