Yates County employees recognized for years of service

Gwen Chamberlain
Some of the 39 Yates County employees recognized for their years of service attended the Jan. 13 Legislature meeting.

Thirty-nine Yates County employees were recognized for their 630 years of service at the Jan. 13 legislature meeting. Legislative Chairman Douglas Paddock noted the essentials of county government include providing public safety, infrastructure, acting as a partner with New York state, and improving the way of life in the county. He said although there are times when their jobs are neither easy nor comfortable, they go beyond expectations to get the job done.

Acting County Administrator Nonie Flynn added, “All our county’s achievements are possible because of your efforts.”

Susan Irwin, senior account clerk typist in the probation department, was recognized for 40 years of service, and Donald Danforth, a part time corrections officer was thanked for 35 years. Others honored were:

30 years: Alan Mack, jail; Sandra Smith, E911 Dispatch, and Sharon Swarts, social services

25 years: Edwin Nemitz and Patrick Manahan, sheriff office; Judy Hoover and Jill Emerson, jail.

20 years: Craig Prior and Suzanne Kurz, county road; Robert Quayle, buildings; Susan Simmons, public health; Robert Bell, machinery; Kay Williamson, county clerk; Michael Chapman and Lindsay Tones, E911 dispatch; Pamela Housel, jail; and Neil Freeland, jail.

15 years: Arlyn Cunningham and Chad Betts, sheriff’s office; Bonnie Clawson, jail.

10 years: Stephen Labarr and Charles Bishop, county road; Elizabeth Putnam and Jillian Dillon, social services; Daniel Davis and Erica Nesbit, jail; Derek Christensen, court security.

5 years: David Mashewske and Katie Gosper, public defender; Molly Linehan and Sandra McKay, county clerk; Brian Rapalee, county road; Karen Bradley, personnel; Pamela Christensen and Kimberly Nelson, social services; Kevin Campbell and Christopher Hansen, sheriff’s office.