Flynn is Yates administrator

Gwen Chamberlain

Winona B. (Nonie) Flynn was appointed as Yates County Administrator with a unanimous vote by the Yates County Legislature Feb. 10. The appointment is retroactive to Jan. 21 and is effective through Dec. 31, 2021.

Flynn has been Acting County Administrator since November 2018 in addition to serving the county as treasurer since 2013.

As County Administrator, she will be paid an annual salary of $26,100 (the same as she was paid as Acting County Administrator) and will retain the positions of County Treasurer and Budget Officer.

According to a statement released by the Legislative Chairman Douglas Paddock after Monday’s meeting, the effective date of the appointment is based on the filing date with New York’s Secretary of State of Yates County Local Law No. 1-2020. The local law allowed a person already holding an elected position to be named as County Administrator.

Flynn served as Deputy Treasurer for nine months prior to being appointed County Treasurer in March 2013 upon the retirement of then-Treasurer Bonnie Percy. She was elected County Treasurer later that year and re-elected in 2017, running unopposed both times. She has been Budget Officer since August of 2015 and Acting County Administrator since early November of 2018. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from John Carroll University College of Business and had positions in both private and municipal organizations prior to joining Yates County.

Flynn said, “I am grateful to the legislators for extending this honor and responsibility. I will continue to work hard in collaboration with county leadership in my service to the residents of Yates County to enrich the quality of life in our beautiful home.”

Government Operations Committee Chairman Ed Bronson said, “Yates County is fortunate to have Nonie in the County Administrator role. She has demonstrated that she can ably handle the position.”

Paddock added, “Nonie has demonstrated leadership abilities and prowess in the time she has been Acting County Administrator. She is extremely capable. We look forward to her continued success and will support her along the way.”

Flynn was also given a letter of commendation for all her work on the $10.3 million USDA ReConnect grant.

Other business at Monday’s regular meeting included:

ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY — Following an executive session, the legislators agreed to increase the salary for a newly created Assistant District Attorney position by $8,000 from the original salary of $60,000. According to the resolution that was passed, District Attorney Todd Casella has had difficulty finding a recruit for the position.

TREASURER — The legislators authorized Flynn to create and fill a Principal Account Clerk Typist or Senior Account Clerk Typist at an annual cost not to exceed $57,616.

FIRE ADVISORY BOARD — The legislature appointed 14 members of the Fire Advisory Board: President Charlie Leach; Legislator Tim Cutler; Fire Coordinator Brian Winslow; Deputy Fire Coordinator Tom Murphy; and Fire Chiefs Steve Zimmerman, Bellona; Brandon Palmisano, Benton; Nancy Oppel, Branchport/KP; Daniel Egburtson, Dresden; James Moore, Dundee; Leon Ray Hoover, Himrod; Brian Oppelt, Middlesex; Frank Ellis, Penn Yan; Rich Dimon, Potter; and Paul Moberg, Rushville.

EMS Advisory Board: The legislature appointed 20 members of the Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board: Ken Riehl and Josiah Peacher, Dundee Fire Dept. Emergency Squad; Betty Hubbard and Sergei Mays, Middlesex Ambulance Corps; Jason Johnson and Joe Axtell, Penn Yan Ambulance Corps; First Responders Venon Martin, Bellona; Meloday Huttar, Benton; Diane Caves, Branchport/KP; John Collins, Dresden; Ryan Bailey, Himrod; Cassie Wood, Middlesex; Alex Keuhne, Penn Yan; Joshua Burghart, Potter; Brian Ocque, Rushville; David Dowdle, Yates ALS; Brian Winslow, Yates County Fire Coordinator; Sandy Smith, Yates County Senior Dispatcher; Cynthia Belling, Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital; and Tim Cutler, Legislator.