Public hearing to expand county legislator terms to four years

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The Chronicle Express
The Chronicle Express

A public hearing on a proposed county law to expand the legislators’ terms of office from 2 to 4 years will be held Monday, June 8 by remote access. Visit / for the agenda and link for the Zoom meeting.

Local Law 4-2020 would amend the length of term of the legislators so that at the general election in Nov. 2021, seven legislators would be elected by the voters for a term of four years, and the other seven legislators would be elected for a term of two years. Thereafter, all legislators would be elected for four year terms.

Proposed by Legislator Daniel Banach, the intent is to provide a cyclical election schedule, rather than the possibility of all 14 legislators being voted out at once. Several legislators have been vocal in their opposition to the law, citing federal and state elected terms of office. Chairman Doug Paddock pointed out the challenge it poses for newly elected legislators to learn all the responsibilities of the office and restrictions placed on counties of what can and cannot be done.

Beyond the public hearing and comment period, this local law is subject to a mandatory referendum to be held at the next general election Nov. 3, and shall not become effective unless approved by a majority of the voters.