November ballots set for Yates County legislature seats

Gwen Chamberlain

The 126 absentee ballots that were counted Sept. 20 for the Yates County Republican Primary races resulted in official results that aren't much different than the unofficial results announced Sept. 12.

Incumbents James Smith of District 2 and Mark Morris of District 3 did not pick up enough new votes to secure spots on the Republican line of the November ballot. Morris will still appear on the Conservative line, but Smith had only filed Republican petitions, so his name will not appear on the ballot.

Here are the final results:

In District 1, where four seats represent Italy, Jerusalem and Middlesex, incumbent Edward Bronson received the most votes at 263, followed by incumbent Douglas Paddock at 261, newcomer Timothy Cutler at 240, and incumbent Elden Morrison at 162, compared to Patrick Killen's 145 votes.

Bronson, Paddock, Cutler, and Morrison will be challenged by Democrats Barbara Crumb and K. Dixon Zorovich. Crumb and Zorovich have also filed petitions to be listed without party affiliation on the independent line.

In District 2, incumbent Timothy Dennis with 160 votes; former legislator Richard Willson, with 153 votes; and incumbent Terry Button with 122 votes, locked in the three ballot spots.

No other candidates will appear on the ballot for those seats. Unless someone wages a successful write-in campaign, Dennis, Willson, and Button will represent the people of Benton, Potter and Torrey.

In District 3, incumbents P. Earle Gleason and Daniel Banach gained enough votes to pass newcomer Carlie Chilson in the standings there. Incumbent Leslie Church received the most votes at 190, Gleason received 185, Banach tallied 181, and Chilson finished with 178 compared to Morris's 156. Four legislators represent the town of Milo in District 3.

The Republican candidates in District 3will be challenged by Democrats Valerie Brechko and Teresa Hoban, both political newcomers. Brechko, Chilson and Hoban have also filed independent petitions to be listed with no party affiliation.

In District 4, the three incumbents, James Multer, William Holgate, and Bonnie Percy, all Republicans, are unchallenged in their bid for re-election to the legislature.

All Yates County legislators serve two-year terms. Each legislator is paid $8,183 annually, and the chairman receives an additional $8,183.