Update: Three seek two seats in Barrington Town Board race

Gwen Chamberlain

UPDATE: This updated version of this report includes information from Calvin Crosby that was not available before print deadline. 

Republican Barrington Town Council member Calvin Crosby faces a primary challenge next week for the first time since he first won election to the position in 2010. Crosby’s seat and the seat being vacated by Susan Lange, each carry terms of four years.

Along with Crosby, petitions for the Republican line on the November ballot have been filed by Thomas Petro III and Steven Brigham.

Thomas Petro III

Petro says he is seeking election for the Barrington town board, “Because I have been a resident of Barrington for 48 years and want to do more for my town.”

He is sales and project manager at Dailey Geothermal in Penn Yan, where he has been employed for more than 10 years.

Petro says his strengths are being able to keep an open mind, listen thoroughly, and keep a neutral opinion. He adds, “I also have a willingness to get things done.”

Petro has been on the town’s planning board for three years.

“My priorities are to keep our town moving forward in a positive and respectful direction that will be beneficial for all residents in the Town of Barrington,” he says.

Steven Brigham

Brigham has lived in the town for more than 20 years, but he says he’s watched the harmony of the town deteriorate. And, he says, “The town has also lost its way with the extremely high taxes, one of the largest town taxes on property in the area and the state.” He says a 2017 audit pointed out  the town over taxed the property owners with over 250 percent of unallocated funds sitting on the balance sheet.  He feels his experience and background can help find solutions for all taxpayers.

“Barrington is fortunate to be home to a very diverse population. I will represent the interests of all our citizens to ensure fairness and responsible government,” he says.

Brigham is semi-retired from a large consumer product company that he sold in 2017. He now volunteers for various organizations. Brigham says his 40 years of business experience will be valuable to the town of Barrington. “I have held many types of jobs during my career and understand and respect the money people spend on their homes. It is my opinion that the citizens of Barrington, who the town council works for, want to live in harmony and know that their tax money is being spent on essential services that are a priority to the community.  We need to find solutions to challenges that come up without seeking lawsuits against our constituents,” he wrote in a recent email.

Brigham will count on his years of experience from working with many local and state governments during his corporate career when he works on his priorities for Barrington, which include:

• Be a more financially responsible town

• Improve the town’s infrastructure

• Be a more responsive and friendly town, reducing the drama

• Be a more open government communicating with the citizens, inviting feedback

• Being more concerned about the overall health of Keuka Lake. “Barrington should take a leadership role on ensuring the health of our beautiful resource, Keuka Lake,” he says.

Calvin Crosby

Calvin Crosby has served on the Barrington Town Board for 10 years, after being appointed to fill a vacancy.

He has lived in the town 35 years.

Crosby reminds residents the town board lowered taxes more than 4 percent, and the board has no intention of raising the property tax levy. However, he would like to see more revenues to into the highway department so more work can be done on the gravel roads.

The priorities he sees for the town include completing the implementations of the plan of corrections from the State Comptroller's audit, keeping the budget in line with the current tax levy, and reconfiguring the town hall to provide a better work environment for employees, and larger meeting space.