It’s time for vote-by-mail

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
N.Y. Senate canditate Leslie Danks Burke

An impressive and inspiring number of voters took advantage of the one-time opportunity to vote by mail for Tuesday’s primary. Let’s make it permanent. 

Voter turnout across the 5 counties of our 58th district was strikingly high, and vote-by-mail numbers brought it even higher. A whopping 23,400 voters here got absentee ballots, an 830% increase over 2016’s presidential primary. 

I’m calling for the no-fault absentee voting put into place by Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order this time to be instituted permanently as a vote-by-mail option.

Clearly, vote-by-mail is popular, safe, and practical.

It’s time to make it a permanent fixture as other states have safely done. People in our region are busy, they are struggling, many are holding down two jobs while raising kids. It’s American to vote, and we should give people options on how they want to do it - on Election Day at the polls, or after work at their kitchen table by mail. 

November will be one of the most important elections of our lifetime and I’m fighting every day to make sure every person’s voice is heard.

If you’re ready to join me, please sign up to volunteer with my campaign! I need folks to help me telephone voters, write postcards, and send texts. 

Leslie Danks Burke is running to represent the rural five counties and small cities of the 58th district in the New York State Senate. She is an attorney and a longtime advocate for education, healthcare and rural economic development. Leslie sees that our taxes are through the roof, yet young people are leaving our region because our schools are underfunded, healthcare costs are crippling, and jobs are scarce. Leslie’s fighting to get a real seat at the table for our beautiful Southern Tier and Finger Lakes region by standing strong for a bright future here.