Robertson visits St. Mark’s, receives endorsement

John Christensen The Chronicle-Express
Phil Rotondi, of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, presents boxing gloves to Congressional Candidate Martha Robertson.

At an event for senior citizens at St. Mark’s Terrace in Penn Yan, congressional candidate Martha Robertson received the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare in her campaign for Congress in the 23rd Congressional District.

Phil Rotondi, Political Director of the NCPSSM, presented Martha with boxing gloves, symbolizing her leadership in the fight to protect these essential programs.

“The National Committee supports Martha Robertson for Congress, because we know she will be a fierce advocate for Social Security and Medicare - unlike Congressman Tom Reed, who has backed the now discredited Simpson-Bowles plan that would raise the retirement age and cut benefits.  Additionally, Tom Reed has voted for proposals to turn Medicare into a voucher program that would cost retirees more and end Medicare’s Guarantee,” said Rotondi.

Following the endorsement, Martha hosted a roundtable discussion with seniors to discuss the issues they care about in the upcoming election.

“My own mother worked until she was 85 because she was so afraid that Social Security and Medicare wouldn’t be there for her,” Martha told the crowd. “I am running for Congress in the 23rd Congressional District because no senior should be in that position. These are earned benefits you have all paid into your entire lives. We need an independent leader in Washington, who will fight for Social Security and Medicare.  And that’s why I am so proud to get these boxing gloves – which I’ll hang on the wall of my office.”

Robertson says she also backs plans to remove the cap on taxable contributions to Social Security, “So that wealthy Americans pay their fair share.”