Plumb visits Yates County

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Democratic Congressional candidate John Plumb (right) visits with Sherry Morse and Penny Frum at the Windmill July 16.

John Plumb, the Democratic contender for Congress in New York’s 23rd district seeking to unseat the incumbent Tom Reed, visited Yates County Saturday, July 16. Touring his hoped for constituency, Plumb visited the Dundee Scottish Festival, The Windmill Farm & Craft Market, the Olney Place on Rte. 54 in Barrington, and the Yates County Fair on its Armed Forces Day. He was accompanied throughout the day by his fiancée, Radha Iyengar; the couple will marry next month.

Plumb, a fourth-generation Western New Yorker, was born in Jamestown and raised nearby in Randolph. A former Navy submarine officer, he later served as an official at the Department of Defense and as a staff member on the National Security Council. 

Speaking with vendors at The Windmill, business owner Seth Olney, and small farm owners at the Fair, Plumb heard of the challenges each faces in New York’s economic atmosphere.

“Across our district, I’ve heard from too many families who feel Washington just isn’t listening to the rural communities of Western New York, the Southern Tier, and the Finger Lakes region,” says Plumb, adding, “and they are right. Year after year, our middle class and working families find it harder and harder to get ahead, and our small cities and towns feel increasingly left behind.”