Route 54A corridor plan turned over to Jerusalem

John Christensen

The proposed set of zoning and development regulations for the Route 54A Scenic Corridor as an overlay for the agricultural-residential zone has been completed, and presented to the Jerusalem Town Board.

Planning Board Chair and project subcommittee chair Mary Coriale tendered her resignation with the job’s completion, effective Sept. 30 for the planning board and Oct. 30 for the subcommittee. The town board praised and thanked Coriale for her tireless work, and presented a card of thanks to the applause of the audience. The law will be up for SEQR review, public hearing on Nov. 14, and county planning board approval.

Another law clearing up lot coverage terms for Residential and Ag-Res Districts is proposed to make the 10 percent rule for total coverage universal in Ag-Res. Districts. The issue has come up because of a proposed condominium development on Central Avenue in Keuka Park that would obey the rule per residence, but exceed the rule in total lot coverage.

The proposed law to regulate the construction of residential fences still needs more revision, most over wording according to board member Pat Killan.

Resident Matt Piczak stood to express his frustration over the delay, saying that he has lived with the “ugly spite fence” that has been the cause of the law for over two years, and wants action taken now.

He says his neighbor, Lynn Barry, the builder of the fence, is now adding old tires to the fence on his property line.

Killan attempted to calm Piczak, saying that the law must be written for the entire town and for the future, rather than for only his unfortunate situation.

Other business on the board’s agenda include:

• WATER QUALITY: Town Engineer Wayne Ackart reports that the solar mixing unit installed at the Keuka Park tower has resulted in the best water quality levels for Aug. ever recorded.

• WINDOWS: Estimates will be solicited for the replacement of old windows in the town hall before winter. Rotting sashes and gaps make action necessary.

• PUBLIC HEARINGS: scheduled for tentative town budget, for Water & Sewer budget, for Property tax cap override, for extension of water district 2 and 3, all on Oct. 17.

• HAMLET PLAN: The deadline for the Consolidated Funding Application for Branchport streetscape improvements was missed for this year, but will be available next year.

• CLEANING: Only one request for application for the town cleaning contract was received, from Connect-a-Service for the same rate as this year; $130 per week for the town hall, and $55 per two weeks for the town barns.