Potter seeks stay on kennels

John Christensen Chronicle-Express

The town of Potter sought approval for a 6-month moratorium at the Aug. 22 meeting of the Yates County Planning Board, on new dog kennels while it considers redrafting its current laws to regulate them as commercial enterprises. Tim Pagel, representing the town planning board said the town was acting on advice of their legal counsel, and that Potter has four to six pending applications for new commercial kennels. The moratorium was approved unanimously. While no one openly said the words “puppy mills,” high volume dog breeding has been an issue for towns in Yates and neighboring Ontario and Seneca Counties.

In other business, County Planner Shawna Bonshak pointed out to the board that a number of incomplete applications have been submitted of late, and often no representative of the applicant attends the meeting to answer the board’s questions. She proposed a checklist be created for all applicants to complete before their application will be added to the meeting agendas, as well as a request that the applicant or a representative attend the meeting where their request is being considered.

Other agenda items included:

Penn Yan

• The Village proposes extending its existing moratorium on high impact industrial uses for an additional six months. Questions were raised on the reasons for the extension and whether adequate progress was being made on the proposed regulation, but no representative of the village was present to answer. With a bare quorum of members present, it was approved in a split decision, with three members opposing.

• EMMI Roth USA asked approval to construct a second silo for milk storage in the Horizon Business Park. Approved unanimously.

• Landlord Arthur Pike asked approval to construct a parking area and a handicap ramp in front of his apartment house at 324 Liberty St. to accommodate an elderly tenant. Approved with one opposed.


The Town is seeking a 1-year moratorium on all development or construction on land with a 25 percent slope or greater. Approved unanimously.


Richard & Diane Traver asked for approval for a special use permit for two separate dwellings on their lot to use a converted garage as two seasonal rental units. Approved unanimously.


Wise Choice Real Estate (Amanda Grover representing) asked for site plan approval to construct a 960 square foot single family residence at 85 South Main St. Approved unanimously.