New York will keep businesses, schools closed through April 29

Joseph Spector, New York State Team
Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivers a briefing on coronavirus at the state Capitol on Friday, March 6, 2020.

ALBANY — New York's schools and non-essential businesses will remain closed through April 29 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo made the announcement Monday morning as he said the "NY on Pause" initiative will continue as the positive cases and deaths continue to increase.

Cuomo first put in place the stay-at-home order March 20 to keep people away from one another to slow the rate of the virus' spread.

"Public health still demand that we stay on pause," Cuomo said at his daily briefing at the state Capitol.

The state has prohibited all nonessential businesses from having their employees report to work on site.

And all New Yorkers are are being told to limit their outdoor movement to trips to the grocery store, exercise with appropriate social distancing and other essential trips.

The number of deaths in New York is well above any other state in the nation, hitting 4,785 on Monday.

But Cuomo said the rate of death hasn't grown any higher than it had been in recent days, and hospitalizations are down, both good news.

The number of positive cases hit 131,000.

So Cuomo said New York might be hitting the apex of cases and deaths, but it still too soon to end the PAUSE order.

"This is an enemy that we have underestimated from day one and we have paid the price dearly," Cuomo said.