Opinion: Take the Challenge on 1.25.2015

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Keuka College has been shining on Keuka Lake for 125 years, drawing students from across the county, region, state, country, and internationally.

From the beginning, the College has been committed to providing students the benefit of an education at a reasonable cost.

Each year Keuka College awards more than $11 million in grants and scholarships and is able to assist more than 98 percent of students with the cost of their college education. In addition to the standard federal and state programs available to most students, Keuka College offers grants and many guaranteed scholarships. Keuka College has never been more committed to the education of its students, and providing the opportunity for them to explore, define, and prepare for their future. Likewise, the College's tradition of service has never been stronger. Keuka College students, faculty, and staff performed more than 74,550 hours of community service in 2014 alone.

Such accomplishments do not occur in a vacuum. It is only because of generous donations that Keuka College is able to make its innovative, private education affordable.

To that end, Keuka College has established a Day of Giving Challenge set for Sunday, Jan. 25 at 1:25 p.m. It goes through Monday, Jan. 26 at 11:59 p.m. The Day of Giving is an innovative online fundraising initiative to celebrate Keuka College’s 125th anniversary by raising $125,000 in one day.

The primary goal of this event is to collect money for the Keuka College annual fund, which is used to bridge the gap between tuition and operating expenses and helps ensure our students have the best educational experience possible. This is also an opportunity to boost participation in a collective effort and to showcase that we Believe in What We Can Do Together.

Whether you have been giving to Keuka College’s Keuka Fund for 40 years or you just made a first-time financial contribution, every dollar counts— regardless of amount. Board of Trustees members Kay Meisch ’58 and Barbara Allardice ’61 will match dollar for dollar until we reach our goal—up to $125,000.

We can't do this without you.

Help ensure the continued success of Keuka College and its students, make your donation online at keuka.edu/one25, call 315-279-5262, or email dayofgiving@keuka.edu.