Tracy Mitrano is the inclusive candidate

Peggy Soule

Tracy Mitrano is the inclusive candidate for Congress in the N.Y. 23rd Congressional District—and that’s why she deserves the consideration and support of all voters. Tracy has thought through the needs of the District’s younger people and older people, farmers and businesses, students, and parents.

Tracy wants to focus on and commit to five essential factors to improve the 23rd District:

1. Affordable and high-quality health care;

2. World-class education, from pre-K through affordable higher education including training and vocational ‘pipelines’ to bring students and local agriculture and industries together;

3. Infrastructure improvements including roads, transportation, and adequate internet throughout the District;

4. Protection for our natural resources (which after all are the source of so much of our tourist attraction);

5. Additional incentives for investment in advanced manufacturing and sustainable family farming around the District.

Tracy will be a strong unifying voice in Congress, advocating for the needs of our District.

Peggy Soule, Penn Yan