Opinion: N.Y. Debt vs. tax breaks for the wealthy

K. Dixon Zorovich
Penn Yan

Senator Tom O’Mara professes to be concerned about New York’s debt burden (“The COVID-19 debt burden on future generations is clearly alarming” in the Sept. 2 edition of The Chronicle-Express). 

Like clockwork, O’Mara and his fellow Republicans voice outrage over government spending when the beneficiaries of that spending are the regular working people of New York. When it’s time to give tax breaks to deep-pocket corporations and the wealthiest among us, however, debt is no longer so troubling and worries about deficits seemingly disappear. 

We need someone in Albany who understands how to balance fair taxation and prudent fiscal management with the investments in public health, education, and infrastructure needed in our community. 

This election I am enthusiastically voting for Leslie Danks Burke, who will bring to our district outstanding leadership and experience and who will work hard on behalf of all New Yorkers.