Reed: ‘We need to do our job as Congress’ for bipartisan support of PPP package

Staff reports
The Chronicle Express

WASHINGTON, DC – Last week, Rep. Tom Reed spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives to urge Congress not to turn its back on the American people. Reed also highlighted the importance of delivering economic relief, via the Paycheck Protection Program, to the small businesses and working families who need it now.

“Mr. Speaker, I had a speech prepared to give, but I’m not going to read that speech because I think the chairman from Massachusetts highlighted the crux of the problem we face in this chamber today. We don’t trust each other anymore in this institution. As he just alluded to, the sentiment today is ‘don’t give over the floor,’ don’t give over control of this body to the other side because we don’t know what the Republicans will bring up. 

“You have my word that what we would bring up is a bill that will provide immediate relief under the paycheck protection program of $138 billion dollars to our small businesses, our families, and individuals that are suffering in America today.

“We need to start trusting each other again. We don’t trust each other in this institution and that is what’s causing the American people to suffer.

“I ask my colleagues when you vote yes on this previous question, be on notice, you are turning your back on the American people that need the paycheck protection program assistance today.

“When you make that vote, you do it with your eyes wide open. You do it on notice that you will be turning your back on those individuals that cry out for help as we speak here on this floor today.

“I will tell you, what we are talking about here is that we need to do our job as Congress.

“Now, I have done everything in my power personally over the last three months to work with our Senate colleagues, to work with the White House, to work in a bipartisan fashion to do a bigger package than the Paycheck Protection Program, but I will take what I can get.

“There should be bipartisan support for this Paycheck Protection Program relief that we’re talking about here today. I urge my colleagues to defeat the previous question motion and vote no and join us and trust us in standing with the American people.”