Avoid scams that invoke DMV, DOT

Lois E. Hall

There have been a number of scams popping up lately with the Department of Motor Vehicles and just wanted to let you know about them.

People are receiving these through their e-mails and through text messages.

One is asking for verification of the license (client ID) number and Social Security number. DMV does not ask these questions with an email or text message. Please do not answer these.

Also, there is another scam involving bills received about Department of Transportation payments due for heavy trucks. DOT does not charge in this manner.  A number of people have contacted me and said they have received bills for vehicles that they haven’t had in years. 

Please do not send any payments or information to these folks.

These documents look official. I have contacted the state office to look into this.

If anyone receives these types of messages, please contact our local DMV office or the County Clerk’s office and ask for Lois.

Please renew locally, as 12.7% of the fees stay here to help offset costs to the county. We have a drop box that we empty multiple times daily and also are making appointments to assist our county residents.

I’m hoping that we can open the doors and get back to some sort of normalcy in the near future. The clerk’s association ask requested that the Governor give us the authority to determine closures or reductions of staff in the DMV offices due to COVID outbreaks by local numbers, not by the Governor’s determination statewide. My opinion is that this will not move forward anytime soon.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and we are looking forward to a much less crazy New Year!

Please stay safe and well.

Lois E. Hall is Yates County Clerk.