LETTER: Thanks for recognition for our decorated house

The Chronicle Express

We finally won!

We woke up Sunday morning, Dec. 13, to find a note saying Congratulations, we won a free ice cream from jolly old elves at Seneca Farms, because of a holiday-cheer decorated house.

So very grateful to be acknowledged for our effort. For over 30 years we have decorated our property on Florence Avenue in Penn Yan. And although we have heard from our friends and neighbors, "What's new this year?" "When you getting the decorations up?" "The place looks good" -- which we both love to hear -- we have never been mentioned in any paper! In the past (1960s-70s) the Village of Penn Yan would have a Christmas House decorating contest. When we started in the late '80s, it disappeared.

A kind horn-honking gesture would be nice from anyone!

We are in our 60s now, and every year gets harder and harder to erect the figures and hang the lights.

This is a BAD Covid year, and we need some joy and spirit and appreciation to anyone for a smile (that we can't see because of masks).

Thank you again to Seneca Farms for the acknowledgement and bit of happiness you brought us.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, healthy holiday season.

Pat and Paul DeBrine

Penn Yan