LETTER: Greenidge is part of a bright future

The Chronicle Express

As a family-owned company, City Hill Construction has served the Town of Torrey, Yates County, and surrounding areas for over 40 years. We take great pride in being part of this town and how we have served our customers and our community. We employ 29 people, including several residents of Torrey itself.

In recent months, a handful of individuals from outside our community have decided to publish false and misleading comments about one of our great and loyal customers, Greenidge Generation and Lockwood Hills LLC, also located right here in Torrey. While we certainly respect the right of people to express their opinion, we actually know the Greenidge team very well – and, most importantly, we know their environmental record far better than anyone who is speaking badly about them in the press. That is because we are part of creating that strong record.

As a fellow company here in Torrey, we felt it was time to tell our side of the story. Over the years, City Hill has completed a wide variety of projects. In 2016, we started a series of environmental projects at the Lockwood Hills Ash Disposal Site to address issues stemming from operations under the prior owner. These projects consisted of building a series of stormwater ponds and diverting stormwater from the site into these ponds rather than allowing the stormwater to enter the leachate holding pond. In 2019, we completed the last phase of the project when we built a leachate storage and transfer area while we reconstructed the existing leachate storage area and installed a leachate treatment system and a 60mm HDPE liner. These projects result in a significant environmental benefit to Keuka Outlet and the lake.

We know first-hand that Greenidge complies with their permits, just as the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has said. We also know that they care deeply about Seneca Lake and the community they share. They have already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in new technology to protect the fish in the lake and will be spending millions more. They have kept dozens employed at their facility during COVID-19, and they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars locally hiring companies like ours – each year. The taxes they pay help keep our taxes lower; just a few years ago, the facility contributed none of these things to Torrey.

Today, the future is bright here, and Greenidge will have a lot to do with that. We are far better for having them as a thriving business in our County.

Jared Miller, Vice President

Ryan Stell, Vice President

City Hill Construction