LETTER: Responsibility, failed leadership by Cuomo

The Chronicle Express

We have a governor, Andrew Cuomo, that has declared an Emergency in New York State. The New York Senate and Assembly have yielded power to this governor, abdicating their authority and giving the governor dictatorial powers to run New York State! Why has this happened; Covid 19? We needed a leader! It’s a crisis!

Wow, what have we got? Governor Cuomo has taken charge of the health care of our nursing homes for the elderly in New York State. During this “pandemic” under the control of Gov. Cuomo, our elderly have been relegated to a process that has caused deaths of our elderly, parents and grandparents. Why has this happened? He rules. Cuomo was the only governor in America forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients into nursing homes. He also prohibited the nursing homes from testing the patients prior to admission before allowing them into the nursing home. This occurred on March 25, 2020 as an Executive Order from the governor.

The governor had options; the USNS Comfort (500 beds) was anchored in New York Harbor ready to deal with Covid patients. At the same time the federal government had retrofitted the Javits Center (capacity 2,500 beds) to become a center to handle the Covid cases. This is not including other faith organizations that set up centers in New York City to help handle this crisis. Whoa, what occurred? Forty-four Covid patients were placed in the USNS Comfort; even more, 66 patients were placed at the Javits Center. Is this leadership? Nope, force them into the nursing homes in New York?

The governor must answer to the people! Why? Why today are the deaths reported by your administration of 6,000 deaths in the nursing homes being challenged to 15,000 elderly parents and grandparents of families in New York State? Is this the real number? Is it even higher?

Governor Cuomo, you lied, our New York family members died!

Where is the outrage from all New Yorkers? Where is the press? Where are the Democrats on this issue, the news media who support the Progressive Democrats, the Left?

The parents and grandparents who died have no party affiliation! Stand up New York! Cuomo, speak the truth!

I want an answer from all New York State Democratic legislators to this question.

Jack Prendergast

Yates County Republican Chairman

Penn Yan