Covid deaths; who bears the blame?

The Chronicle Express

I was not surprised by the number of Republican originated comments condemning and criticizing  Governor Cuomo. In these editorials I see a lot of "concern" for those deaths and suffering that they believe were caused (exclusively) by Gov. Cuomo.

Let me ask you a few questions:

Q: Would you care to repeat the comments made by the former president to Gov. Cuomo back in March - May when he requested urgent help?

A: It's the state's problem.

Q: Was there a national emergency issued issued to minimize the dangers of Covid? 

A: No.

Q: Was there a plan to handle the Covid problem from Jan. 2020 to Jan. 2021 by the previous president?

A: No.

Q: Was there a plan to distribute the federally funded COVID-19 vaccines when they first were approved by the FDA? 

A: No.

Q: Are any the 500,000 deaths not a responsibility of the previous president who repeatedly stated the virus was a fraud?

A: According to the CDC 70% of these deaths were  preventable with proper testing and isolation and PPE.

Q: Did the president reject the advice of his medical advisers?

A: Yes.

Q: Were Governor Cuomo requests the test kits for control testing were refused by the previous president?

A: Yes.

Q: Is the COVID-19 disease a virus that can affect anyone?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you approve of the president's failure to take action on the covid?

A: Sure looks that way.

Q: Is your editorial motivated by political affiliation rather than concern for the families of the dead and suffering?

A: Sure looks that way.

Q: What did you do to prevent these so called Cuomo related deaths?

A: Did you write your representative to indicate your displeasure that Mr. Cuomo should have done this or that with his hands tied behind his back when these events actually happened? 

Q: Were you blinded by party affiliation to support the former president's total failure to declare a national emergency for the covid problem instead declared a national emergency for building a wall?

A: It sure looks that way.

If you were so concerned why didn't you do something when it counted?