LETTER TO THE EDITOR Healthcare is a right

The Chronicle Express

Healthcare in America is a right and worth fighting for. As a member of the Yates County Democratic Committee, I join my fellow members and friends in actively calling on elected leaders to insure that coverage is:

● Universal and secure - Everyone in the country should be able to access quality

healthcare, and a life change (job loss, change in marital status, age) should not force

anyone out of the healthcare system.

● Affordable - The overall cost of healthcare including insurance premiums, prescription

drug prices, and out of pocket expenses should be within the means of individuals,

families and communities to afford. A public option for health insurance, for which all

are eligible, should be provided within the healthcare system.

● Comprehensive - Women should have access to the entire spectrum of reproductive

healthcare services. Mental health services and treatment for substance abuse

disorders should be available and affordable for everyone.

● Patient-driven and high-quality - Decisions about their health care should be made by

patients in consultation with their doctors, and facilities in the community should be

well-staffed and well-equipped.

● Equitable and accessible - Racial and income disparities as well as disparities

between people with and without disabilities should be addressed. Healthcare

services and the means to travel to them should be available in all communities.