Letter to the Editor: Dundee street improvements anything but

The Chronicle Express

Years ago the Village of Dundee had vision to plant trees and install planters along Main Street which added to the ambiance of our little town. Dundee was people friendly, business friendly and had ample parking.

Unfortunately many of us have discovered that last year's new "improvements" to the east side of Main Street has resulted in the following:

1. There are less parking spaces available for patrons of any business.

2. The design of new curbing and designated "walk thru areas" put the elderly and physically impaired at a disadvantage. One cannot just cross the street in a straight line anymore, forcing people to walk much further to get to where they want to go.

3. Just the growth of traffic to the Windmill over the years and today's booming real estate sales should make us pause and remember our Main Street is Route 14A, the only main artery to points northwest of the Village depended upon by commercial and general commuters alike. Is it smart to further continue the same narrowing of the street on the west side ultimately inviting it to become a clogged main artery in the future?

4. Gardens with flowers and plants can be beautiful but they require regular maintenance. Who will be weeding, mulching and maintaining these garden areas every year and at what cost? Unless a good maintenance plan is in place, gardens of weeds could become our reality.

Time has to test if any new "improvement" is actually better or worse than the original. Designing something and seeing it on paper can never speak how it will play out in reality. Perhaps now is the right time for us to seriously analyze what will happen if these "improvements" continue to the west side of the street and voice what we want. I want Dundee to be a place where it is easy to park and easy to walk to where I want to go. Something is wrong if I'm losing that.

Mary Ann D'Andrade