Letter to the Editor: Reed owes Mitrano an apology

The Chronicle Express

Southern Tier news sources are reporting that an individual has been arrested as the suspect for throwing bricks through Tom Reed’s Congressional Office and on the driveway of his home in Corning.  Adjudiction has yet to take place, but voters can learn a lot about Republican Campaign tactics with what we have learned already.  Mr. Reed and his campaign used these events to attack his Democratic opponent and to insinuate that she, or someone in her campaign, was behind these events.  Mr. Reed expressed those views in T.V. interviews and in campaign materials. Furthermore, at the only televised debate, Mr. Reed attacked his opponent for “not apologizing to his wife” for the brick.  

Based on the arrest made and the surrounding evidence, it is now abundantly clear that this was the act of a disturbed person – and one who was completely unknown to the Mitrano Campaign.  Further, it is now known that a note was attached to the brick thrown on Mr. Reed’s property, and that it maligned both Democrats, including Speaker Pelosi, as well as Republicans such as Mr. Reed. In other words, at the time of the incident, Mr. Reed knew it was not an act of his opponent or her campaign. He used the brick nonetheless to lie, be melodramatic, and promote fear for political gain.  

It would now appear that it is Mr. Reed who owes Professor Mitrano and district voters an apology.

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