Letter to the Editor: End prosecution of Elizabeth Catlin

Letter to the Editor

The persecution of Elizabeth Catlin continues. But should it? There have been new developments since my last letter that say "NO" to continuing.

There is now a bill that has been introduced in the State Legislature that would nullify the actions of 2010 and restore the avenue for CPM's to get a State license. The bill is numbered S7078 and A 7898. It was introduced by Rep Dick Gottfried, the longest serving State Assemblyman. So far there are six co-sponsors with more signing on each day. As it works its way through committee it looks more and more certain that this bill will pass. We know the governor will, in all probability, sign it.

Imagine what will happen then. Yates County will press for action on the trumped up charges against Elizabeth while a bill works its way to passage clearing all CPMs.

It's over, DA Casella and your sidekick Mike Tantillo. No further legal action should be taken until the votes are counted. If you persist in prosecuting Elizabeth and any other CPM before the bill is voted on you will simply be showing us your total lack of ethics and how mean spirited you are. Or perhaps you don't know how to read the handwriting on the wall.

Isn't it interesting that given time, sanity and righteousness will prevail for the Mennonite communities throughout upstate counties. And for a rare occasion the rich b-$--ds will lose. How sweet.

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