LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'My Penn Yan was gone'

Letter to the Editor

Fifty years ago I graduated from Penn Yan Academy. Can't believe its been that long. Plus the reunion got canceled because of Covid-19. So I remember this song by the Pretenders, "My City was Gone." I changed a few words. I will visit this year. I promise. 

I went back to New York

But my village was gone

There was no train station

Downtown was not the same.

Joe Powers had disappeared

All my favorite places

My village has been pulled down

Reduced to parking spaces

Fast food took over Lake Street.

Well, I went back to Penn Yan

But my family was gone

I stood on the front porch

There was nobody home.

I was stunned and amazed

My childhood memories

Slowly swirled past

Like the wind through the trees

Liberty Street sure has changed                                      

426 is where I grew up.

I went back to Penn Yan

But my pretty hay fields 

Had been changed to vineyards 

The Nutt road sure has changed.

The farms of Yates County

Had been replaced by Mennonites 

They made great stuff

From Seneca to Keuka

Things have changed in 50 years

Great place to grow up and now visit

Dad worked for Seneca Farms

Still a great place.

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