LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Route 54 traffic not safe near Penn Yan

Letter to the Editor

I would like to call attention to a matter of safety for the Penn Yan community. Traffic on State Route 54 coming in and out of the village is not safe. The speed goes from 30 to 55 mph heading south, which causes cars, motorcycles, and trucks to suddenly speed up when leaving the village or, when coming north into the village, to slam on or pull Jake Brakes. In both directions, this sudden speed change puts people coming in and out of Lerch Road, Keuka Comfort Care, the homes and driveways along the road all the way down to and including Lakeside County Club and Camp Cory, at risk.  

Dan Banach placed this issue on the agenda for the Public Works Committee meeting of the Yates County Legislature for this coming Monday, August 2, at 12:30 p.m. If you are concerned, please come to the meeting or send a letter to your legislators.

On Route 54A, the speed changes gradually from 55 to 40 mph going north around the Water Treatment Plant, and then from 40 to 30 mph at the village line.  A similar speed change south of Camp Cory and Lakeside would seem equally appropriate. Especially in light of the terrible buggy accidents of late, it is time for the people of Yates County to let the NYS Department of Transportation know we expect our roads to be safe!

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