LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'Forever grateful'

Letter to the Editor

In the midst of playing out at the Union Block Italian one night last month for the first time since the pandemic, I was acutely aware of the fact that it all felt so normal.  The smell of roasting garlic coming from the kitchen, the clinking of glasses at the bar, the bustling waitstaff greeting patrons and taking orders, the noisy chatter, the bursts of laughter, the diners clearly enjoying their meals and each others’ company ... I was overwhelmed with a profound sense of gratitude.  

One year ago, we were sheltered in our homes and reading dire news reports and endlessly washing our face masks, wondering when the nightmare would end, if it would end, and if we would survive.  Thanks to the brilliance of modern research and the diligence of scientists whose bleary-eyed late nights and head-scratching mental machinations we will never, ever, fully comprehend, we can get one tiny injection into our arms that transforms our world from one of fear and loathing back to the land of the living. Last time I checked, my DNA hasn’t changed. But my world has been restored.  

I will be forever grateful.

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