LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time capsule event was a group effort

Letter to the Editor

I would like to thank John Christensen for his pictures and coverage of the Class of '56 opening of the time capsule which was buried 20 years ago. Indeed it was a great event; however, even though John gave me credit for the organization of the event, I did not do it alone. 

We started meeting back in January. We had a committee of four other classmates who actually did most of the work. Credit to Bob Dinehart who contacted the school Superintendent, arranged our luncheon at the Moose and the police for traffic control. Also to Shelba Kirsh and Hilda Irwin who made phone calls to classmates not having computers etc., and to decorating for the lunch, and to Barbara Wilson for the wonderful cake she made which served 50 at the lunch. 

So my thanks to my mates for all their help in making our 65th reunion a great success. 

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