LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Republicans foster vaccine and mask mistrust

Letter to the Editor

If Senator O’Mara looked at polls in N.Y. State, he would find out that a vast majority of New Yorkers fully support the vaccine mandates. Most of us out here are very tired of being terrorized by anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, that simply, if allowed to work in medical and other settings, will be spreading the virus even faster. But so what is new?

The Republicans have, for a year and a half, turned everything regarding the Covid virus exactly on its head, causing way more deaths and lasting longer than was necessary. First they were against masks, then they protested keeping places closed, and now a lot of them, along with Fox anchors, are trying to get people to mistrust vaccines, even as they themselves have been vaccinated. The result of all their actions has been more deaths and people not daring to go to restaurants and other businesses, so many failed.

A couple countries in Europe, including Denmark, about three weeks ago, fully opened up and got rid of all Covid restrictions; the difference being that 90% of their eligible people are now vaccinated, while there is no end in sight here.

Why does this paper give Mr. O’Mara close to a half page every week, which he never fails to use to misinform and criticize everything Democrats do -- and they do not get a chance to defend themselves? 

Thank God there are more Democrats than Republicans in New York State. If anti-vaxxers really value their freedom, why don’t they instead stop the Republicans from taking away their voting rights and women's rights? Why don't they ask them if they denounce the January 6 insurrection/coup attempt that tried to install an unelected dictator? Because that would have taken away every single right you ever had, even if he was your “kind” of dictator.

Jorgen Overgaard

Keuka Park

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