LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Questions on vaccination

Letter to the Editor

What is the sense of mandating Covid-19 vaccinations to those who have had the virus and recovered from it?  Their blood tests show that they have antibodies to the virus.  Those who get vaccinated will also show antibodies to Covid-19.

When calculating herd immunity has the CDC included the number of people who got Covid-19 and recovered? It seems they are only counting shots in arms as the approach to achieving herd immunity.  

I believe many more people have gotten Covid-19 and recovered than died. Probably a small percentage of those who got Covid-19 needed to be hospitalized for it. The news media is glad to tell us how many US residents have died from complications of Covid-19 on a daily basis. Because not all who got Covid-19 had to be hospitalized, it's probably difficult to know how many people there are who already have the antibodies that vaccinations provide. Wouldn't it be more fair to ask those who are declining to get the vaccine to submit to a test for antibodies? Until recently, we were okay with asking the unvaccinated to get weekly testing.  Why isn't that sufficient?

Let's remember that just because a person gets the vaccination, they can still be a carrier of and get Covid-19.  

There are proven measures that will stop the spread: masks, social distancing, staying home when ill, quarantining when exposed, going to the hospital only when necessary and excellent hygiene.  

I am reminded of a plague in China in 1910. Dr. Wu Lien-Teh had studied infectious diseases in England. He urged the people of China to wear facemasks. Chinese authorities mandated masking, enforced stringent lockdowns and quarantining the sick.  In only 4 months the plague was over. Can we view masking as a matter of social responsibility and care for one another?  I would hope so, instead of letting good employees go because of refusal to get a vaccine that shows efficacy, but was rushed into development.

Many people I know are asking, who is paying for the vaccine? (Ultimately it's us, the U.S. taxpayer.)  

Why a vaccine, when other drugs were effective in treating it? (Let's remember that just because a drug is developed for one purpose doesn't mean it can't be effective for another. Think Botox here.)  

Does Big Pharma need more profits?  

Are the FDA and the CDC truly impartial?  (Don't they have former top Big Pharma moguls on their boards?)

I believe that vaccine hesitancy has far more to do with profit motivation, future long-term reactions, and the broken political system than much else. Massive spending from Washington is crippling the future for all.

Patricia Larzelere

Keuka Park

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