LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Volunteer and give to non-profits like Marilyn Smith

Letter to the Editor

It was wonderful to see in the paper the photo of Marilyn Smith commemorating her 35 years of service to the United Way of Northern Yates. It got me thinking; I estimate that during those 35 years, the United Way has disbursed approximately $2 million dollars to local groups. This money has helped support Girl and Boy Scout activities, buy Christmas presents for hundreds of children, provide countless meals for the hungry, purchase resource materials for the Literacy Volunteers program, and so much more. Think of all the good the United Way has done for our area. Think of all the good that a single individual such as Marilyn had done!

Holding up Ms. Smith as a shining example, I encourage everyone to find an organization where you can volunteer at for a few hours per month. Every non-profit needs your help and honestly, you get so much more for every effort you give. Lastly, when a local non-profit asks for donations, please give generously. 


James Cook, Treasurer United Way of Northern Yates


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