Yates GOP news and town candidates

John Christensen
The Chronicle Express
The keynote speaker at the Yates County GOP annual dinner was U.S. Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin (right) pictured with Yates County GOP Chair John Prendergast.

PENN YAN — The Yates County Republican Committee (YCRC) held its Annual Dinner Oct. 7 at Season's on Keuka Lake in Penn Yan. The keynote speaker was U.S. Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin. New York State GOP Committee Chair Nick Langworthy also spoke. 

Zeldin, a military veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom serves in the Army Reserves. More about Zeldin may be found at https://zeldinfornewyork.com/.

Town Candidates

The following town candidates have been endorsed by the YCRC  in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 2. 

Supervisors, Board Members, Highway Superintendents, and Clerks: 


Steven Perry will seek re-election as Town Supervisor.

Nate Olney will seek re-election as Town Councilperson.

Joy Perry will seek re-election as Town Clerk/ Tax Collector. 

Steven Wheeler will seek re-election as Town Highway Supt.


John Prendergast will seek re-election as Town Supervisor.

Glenn Quackenbush will seek re-election as Town Councilperson.


Richard Craig will seek re-election as Town Supervisor.

David Ferry will seek re-election as Town Councilperson.

Benjamin Dempsey will seek election as Town Councilperson.

Deborah Craig seek re-election as Town Clerk/Tax Collector


Jamie Sisson will seek re-election as Town Supervisor. 

Ritchie Lent will seek re-election as Town Councilperson.

Sarah Purdy will seek election as Town Councilperson.


David Adam will seek election as Town Supervisor.

Lynnette Miller will seek re-election as Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Austin Liddiard and Paul Mitchell will seek election as Town Councilpersons.

Todd Conaway will seek re-election as Town Highway Supervisor.


Pat Christensen will seek re-election as Town Clerk.

Lance Yonge will seek re-election as Highway Supervisor.

Jim Harris and Gene Spanneut will seek re-election as Town Councilpersons.


Larry Lewis will seek re-election as Town Supervisor.

Paul Moberg and Brian Bootes will seek re-election as Town Councilpersons.

Deborah Adams will seek election as Town Clerk/Tax Collector. 

Arthur Parsons will seek re-election as Town Highway Supervisor.


John Socha will seek election as Town Councilperson.

Ralph Warren will seek re-election as Town Highway.

Carrie Wood will seek election as Town Justice. 


Jim Smith will seek election as Town Supervisor. 

Colby Petersen will seek re-election as Town Councilperson.

Betty Daggett will seek re-election as Town Clerk/ Tax Collector. 

Timothy Chambers will seek re-election as Town Highway Supt.


The general election will be Tuesday Nov. 2. Early voting is offered at the Yates County Office Building from Oct. 23 through 31.

"Your votes counts. We encourage everyone to vote,"  say the committee members. They add, "Republicans believe in: strong economy, limited government, strong military and law enforcement, immigration control, uphold the Constitution, right to bear arms, affordable health care."

To learn more about Yates County GOP events, activities, or how to join the committee, contact Yates GOP Chair John Prendergast at  johnYCRepublicans@gmail.com.