LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Torrey Town Board supports Martini for Supervisor

Letter to the Editor

Pat Flynn, Torrey Town Supervisor, has chosen to leave office after 40 years as supervisor. Peter Martini, who has served as a councilman for the past five years, has worked alongside Pat on projects, budgets and local laws, and is now running for the position of Town of Torrey Supervisor. 

Having spoken to the current board members, all of them voiced their support Peter for the Town Supervisor position, which speaks highly of his ability to work with the board and get things done.

Peter also finds time to serve on the Yates County Farm Bureau, the New York State Wine grape growers, and is a member of the New York State Farm Bureau State Labor Committee.

If you live in Torrey, and want to keep your taxes low, closely managed development and clean air and water, cast your ballot for Peter  Martini on Nov. 2.

John Ghidiu


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