LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democratic Congress is destroying the country

Letter to the Editor

As a veteran who served 20+ years defending our democratic principles, it is embarrassing to me to see what the Democratic Congress is doing to destroy our country. First of all, we all agree that 6 Jan. 2021 was a horrific attack on our lawmakers in Congress. However, where were these Democratic lawmakers when cities around the country were being assaulted and burned to the ground by anarchists prior to the 2020 presidential elections? Yet, today NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN carried politicians claiming that 6 Jan. 2021 was comparable to Pearl Harbor-WW II-the World Trade Center attacks. Please, don’t insult the American People who remember “REAL” history. Where were they in supporting our local police departments? 

We keep hearing the blame game placed on President Trump. How come nothing has been done to fix the problems at the open borders, Covid, murder rates on the increase, and inflation?  How come we never hear any rebukes from the left concerning failed policies of our current president? No matter which side you're on, facts speak louder than rhetoric.

We now have a Congress trying to rig the election system by allowing anyone to vote even though they are not U.S citizens. Please don’t be naive to think there isn’t fraud within the voting system. Are we really allowing our voting sites to be monitored “up close?" Will we continue to see fixed elections?  For those who believe that Trump was the root of all evil, wake up!  If you continue to believe in mainstream media, you ain’t seen nothing yet. If this gets printed, I hope you will really consider what is happening within our governments.

Greg Disbrow

Penn Yan

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