LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks to emergency responders and hospital staff

Letter to the Editor

On Wednesday evening, Dec. 22, 2021, my wife, Nancy, collapsed at home. Because she was unresponsive and I couldn’t move her, I called 911. Within minutes, EMTs Lydia, Kevin, and Maggie were moving Nancy gently to an ambulance and to the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital Emergency Room.

I will always be grateful to the medical staff in the ER and Acute Care floor of the hospital for the loving, tender, professional care they demonstrated for the woman I have loved for 74 years. In Nancy’s final hours on this earth, she was treated with the respect and dignity deserving of someone 90 years old. Our family is grateful to Dr. Frieir and all those who devoted their experience and skill to make Nancy’s final hours on Earth comfortable. She lived a long and beautiful life and she died in her sleep on Christmas Eve morning. Her spirit now soars with the angels.

Bruce Westerdahl

Penn Yan

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