LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On the subject of fuel prices ...

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I hope all will applaud our federal lawmakers and our President for refusing to buy crude oil from Russia. Yes, all prices will rise -- at the gas station, when traveling, paying for home heating, buying groceries and other purchases. The price of this inconvenience?  We are cutting off funds Mr. Putin would use to continue his invasion into Ukraine.  If allowed to continue, which other eastern European nations would be next? 

He is a "bad actor" who must be stopped.  

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely!" ~ Lord Acton, 1887

I invite all to lift up in prayer our lawmakers, our President, the Ukrainians, those who are joining them in the fight for sovereignty, the world community, including the Russian people, who are not free under Socialist/Communist rule. We must stand strong and united in the fight for freedom, at home and abroad.  

Holy Scripture reminds us that we are also to pray for our enemies — Mr. Putin and those fighting in his Russian Army, perhaps even ourselves when we advocate for selfish reasons. 

Can we live without crude oil and other fossil fuels? Probably not, but we can shift to support alternative energies. Don't we all want a cleaner, greener planet? We need to take steps now! Send our elected officials your thoughts. They need to hear from all of us.

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