LETTER: 'We deserve Kenneth Walker'

Letter to the Editor

Dear voters in the Penn Yan School Board election,

As a parent and an active member of the Penn Yan youth community, I have been following this year’s election closely. After Wednesday night’s virtual Meet the Candidates, I was so pleased to see an articulate supporter of our teachers, our students, and the diversity that makes up our wonderful school district. Kenneth Walker is first and foremost an educator. He has dedicated his life to teaching, growing, and learning. He is a compassionate man who recognizes the needs of teachers and students alike, and is an advocate for equity and inclusivity. A self-proclaimed life-long learner, he expressed excitement at the chance to be involved in all aspects of our schools, and relished in the opportunity to learn new ideas and be a positive contributor representing our district.

As members of this community we need to be invested in this election. There are candidates running who do not respect our school community or the students who attend. Brian Shriver couldn’t be bothered to attend the Meet the Candidate night. Ken Kamholtz has stood in front of our Board of Education every two weeks for months and demonstrated that he is more interested in chasing windmills than he is being a productive potential board member. After arriving 20 minutes late to the Meet the Candidates event, he used his time to tell voters he doesn’t think PYCSD should concern themselves with what happens to our kids after graduation and that it is their family’s problem. He spun his web of misinformed conspiracy theories while effectively demonstrating his lack of interest in anything that doesn’t fit his agenda.

We need board members who want to listen, learn, contribute, and work for the greater good; not people who will hold the Board of Education hostage while they fight imaginary enemies. Our students, teachers, staff, and community deserve better than Kamholtz and Shriver. We deserve an educated, compassionate, and rational candidate. We deserve Kenneth Walker.


Melissa Green

Penn Yan

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