LETTER: American Rescue Plan Act funds can address many needs

Letter to the Editor

Thank you for reporting how the Yates County Legislators are using the $4.8 million we received from the American Rescue Plan Act. The new Emergency Service facility that our County Leaders are planning will benefit us now and in the future. This is an example of our taxes being delivered back to Yates County, and our leaders deciding how best to use those funds.

The County is not the only Yates municipality to receive ARPA funds. Our towns were sent approximately $2.7 million. The Town of Barrington received about $180K, Benton $300K, Italy $130K, Jerusalem $500K, Middlesex $160K, Milo $740K, Potter $200K, Starkey $390K, and Torrey $130K. Yates County villages received funds from their towns based on their population. That’s more than $7.5 million being delivered from our federal government to Yates County governments. 

The municipalities can invest the funds into a range of activities that support public health, address COVID’s negative economic impact, replace lost revenue, provide premium pay to essential workers and invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure.

The American Rescue Plan has delivered the funds and a basic structure for local leaders to solve local problems. We know what the County has focused on. I wonder what projects the towns, councils and village boards have chosen to tackle.

Rich Stewart

Penn Yan, New York

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