LETTER: 'Who has the Truth?'

Letter to the Editor

Sometimes, in elections, it appears that voters are casting votes based upon other peoples' opinions of candidates, not upon facts or truths. For the upcoming elections, I am advocating that voters seek facts; both facts as to what certain candidates actually do when in office and facts about the issues at hand. Candidates usually publish fact sheets about themselves, their plans, their accomplishments. But there are usually others who see these candidates differently. Experts publish information about issues: why something is an issue, why it needs to be resolved, and how to do it. But there are always expert voices sounding the opposite alarms. So, not all facts may be truths.

So, who has Truth in these matters? I am advocating talking to the One who knows all things: the One who has all Truth in all matters. Start having a relationship: one-to-one talking relationship, with Jesus. He does know all and He can lead you in all Truth.

Yes, seeking to hear from God takes more time than asking people's opinion or turning on the news to hear another human's slant. It takes more effort, constant communication-with-God; exposing to God's scrutiny your own possibly incorrect thinking. It could mean realigning your opinions and thinking to God's view. It can be difficult; but, if taken to the finale, will result in Truth.

Cheryl HendersonPenn Yan

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