Help us frame our election coverage

Gwen Chamberlain

The local election season is underway.

In November voters will choose county and town leaders who will be in office for the next two years — likely to be some of the most challenging fiscal years ever. And this year, the good news already is that the voters will have choices when they enter the voting booth.

In the past, The Chronicle-Express has helped voters prepare for making those choices during primaries and elections by publishing biographical information and candidate responses to a series of specific questions.

Because of the importance of this election and with new communication tools at our fingertips, we're looking for ways to broaden our coverage of issues leading up to the election.

As we make our plans, we'd like to include some of your ideas.

What do you want to know about the candidates, and how do you like to see it presented?

Do you like the format we've used in the past of a head shot, biographical information and standard questions?

Do you want a little coverage every week for a series of weeks, or do you want a lot of coverage in one week?

Would you like to submit a specific question you want to ask candidates?

Do you want to send a message to all the candidates?

Help us decide the way we'll cover this year's election news. Send your ideas for coverage to us at 138 Main St., Penn Yan; call 315-536-4422 (Wednesday through Friday, please) or email chroniclenews1@rochester.rr.com.

We'll review all the suggestions you submit and develop a coverage plan with your input. We may not be able to use all of your suggestions, but they will all be considered.

Time is short, so get your ideas to us soon. We want to be prepared to introduce the candidates for the Sept. 15 primaries in mid-August and we want to contact all the candidates soon after the unaffiliated petitions have been submitted by Aug. 18.

Please get ideas to us by next Friday, Aug. 7.

About Letters to the Editor during election season

As usual, we will be happy to publish all letters to the editor that fit our policy and deadline.

It's best if letters are concise and to the point, in 400 words or less. Email letters are appreciated. For a sense of fair play, the only letters that will be published on Sept. 9 ( the week before the Primary), are those that directly respond to previous letters and do not bring up new issues.

Likewise, the only letters that will be published on Oct. 28 (the week before the General Election) are those that directly respond to previous letters and do not bring up new issues.

However, there will always be opportunities to interact and express your opinion on our website, found at www.Chronicle-Express.com.