Media is still burying key information on real estate

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To The Editor:

As pleased as I was with your decision to publish my letter (“A Real Estate Pro’s Take on the Housing Market”) in your Dec. 5 edition, I couldn’t help but notice that you added an italicized “editor’s note” to my letter, in which you took exception to my assertion that media are fictionalizing the extent of the housing crisis by portraying as a national story what really is a situation local to several regions of the country.

Although I understand the maxim that it is unwise to argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel, I thought that the purpose of a letter to the editor was to give the writer an unfettered opportunity to express opinion – rather than to give the editor an additional opportunity to share her own.

As it happens, this week brought more so-called “national” news of a decline in housing prices.  Buried in that story was the key information that the declines were all in parts of the U.S. in which there has been over development or a significant increase in unemployment.

So there it is again – the hyping of a story in the media in a way that ignores the most important detail – that all housing is local and that this supposed crisis is hundreds or thousands of miles away from the Finger Lakes Region.

Thomas A. Sbarra

Owner Broker

Century 21 Sbarra & Wells