Elected officials must reduce government spending

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

The last quarter of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 has seen us receiving our school tax bills, our town, county and special district tax bills. We have seen STAR rebates as only slightly mitigating the effects of school system spending increases.

During this same period, we have seen stories of the new (Steuben) County facilities such as the infirmary, jail and 911 system, many school projects taken to the taxpayers, most of which were approved. In many instances the projects were touted as having little or no local tax consequences because of “State Aid”, as if this money is provided by “others”; it is our money!

For as long as I can remember, we have been deluged with stories about the population decline of upstate New York and the consequent loss of jobs and wealth.

We are responsible, in part, for this scenario because of the people we elect to govern and tax us.

In my opinion we have created government spending that has exceeded our ability to pay,  and to do nothing is to doom upstate New York to a future of continued decline and the feeling of hopelessness in our youth of working age.

It is up to us to hold all of our elected officials responsible for reducing government spending; keep this in mind at the next election.

Bill Weber