ONYA benefits from Red Cross workers' holiday spirit

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

This Christmas, the staff of the Canandaigua American Red Cross decided to forgo their usual holiday gift exchange. Instead, they decided to donate money to a charity.  Judy Bennett, Susan Bennett, Margaret Hauenstein, and Wendy Nowak chose to give to the Ontario/Yates Fund for Women (ONYA). 

What a splendid pairing!  Women working for the American Red Cross, a Canandaigua not-for-profit that helps families gave money to ONYA, another Canandaigua tax-exempt organization that is run by women and supports programs for local women and their families. Women giving to women giving to women – a wonderful circle of grant making and philanthropy.

When asked why they elected to give money specifically to ONYA, the Red Cross Director July Bennett said, “ I have given to ONYA in the past and know that they will spend their money wisely and locally.”

Isn’t it great to know that groups concerned about the health and well being of women in our county are actively working together? The Chair of ONYA, Meg Ewing observes that, “ONYA’s focus is one of helping women reach economic self sufficiency. We know there are other local groups who share our mission and we invite them to contact us to see how we can do this important and necessary work together.”

Truly, the American Red Cross gave ONYA a perfect present.

Peggy Kane