Citizens have a choice in Penn Yan

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

Local elections in the past have been rather droll. Choices have been limited or non-existent. This March, the citizens of Penn Yan are asked to exercise your will to elect four people who will represent you in the Trusteeship of Penn Yan.

The process has already seen its share of political chicanery. The latest push has been to bill this election as an all-or-nothing proposition: Four incumbents vs. Four newcomers.

Don’t be beguiled and mislead. There are four seats available on the Village Board.

There are eight individuals posturing for your trust and support. Your conscience is the only constraint for how and whom you cast your vote. If none of the candidates are appealing, then write the person in whom you think is appealing.  It’s not all or nothing - its Ala-carte. Eight horses running and none are tethered together. Vote this March 18th.

Ken Kamholtz

Penn Yan