Other services are not in the U.S. Constitution either

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To the Editor:

A couple of recent submissions to your page caught my eye. Mr. Keith Kappel of Dundee writes in his letter supporting Randy Kuhl, “By the way, where is health care mentioned in the Constitution as a government responsibility?”

Of course, health care is not mentioned in our magnificent Constitution. Neither is education, roads, or air travel. Yet federal, state and municipal governments provide funding for schools, highways, airports and air traffic control. It would be nice if hyperbole could be kept out of Mr. Koppel’s arguments.

On the same page, Randy Kuhl defends his recent trip to Brazil, stating that “...one of the ways that we will find a resolution to this (energy)crisis is by cooperating with countries that have weaned themselves off of their dependence on foreign oil.” Mr. Kuhl’s statement is inconsistent with his voting record. An example of this inconsitency: his NAY vote on HR6, the Energy Act of 2007 on 12/6/2007. This legislation would increase energy efficiency standards and vehicle fleet fuel economy standards. Section 102 of the Energy Act of 2007 raises the required fleet average fuel economy for domestic automobile manufacturers to at least 35 miles per gallon by model year 2020.

Section 202 requires 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels to be added to the gasoline supply by 2020. Two fantastic ideas, designed to wean us off our dependence on foreign oil. This bill passed, thanks to the Democrats. But again, Mr. Kuhl voted against it. It’s hard for me to square Mr. Kuhl’s vote with Mr. Kuhl’s statement. But Mr. Kuhl’s actions are consistent in one way: he says he supports an issue, takes credit for supporting an issue, Yet, he votes against it! This has been the constant of his term.

I am looking forward to November, when the people will speak.

Arthur Ahrens