Penn Yan's quality of life is tied to law enforcement

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

To The Editor:

As a retired Undersheriff of the Yates County Sheriffs Department, I would like to respond to the letter by Matthew Camden in the Feb. 6 edition. I believe the situation under discussion could have been avoided if the mayor had called the Chief of Police rather than involve himself with an officer. Calling an officer and telling him to disregard a directive was inappropriate.

In regard to Mr. Camden's comment to do away with the Penn Yan Police Department, I disagree. I no longer reside within the Village of Penn Yan, but if I did, I would not consider it a luxury to know the police could respond quickly to a 911 call.

The Yates County Sheriff's Department is located in the Village of Penn Yan, the county seat.

However, they serve the entire county. If they are called to Middlesex, Dundee or some other corner of the county, the residents of the village would be at the mercy of availability and location of the deputies at the time of the call.

The State Police have three counties to cover and may also not be available for a quick response. If a call is placed with their Penn Yan telelphone number, the officer answering may well be in the Horsehead Office.

If the village had no local police to call, I'm sure the residents would see a gradual decline in the quality of life in Penn Yan.

Frank Condella Sr.

Penn Yan